Phat Loc Dang Khoa

The solution to secure for children's optimal education

"Some people do not believe in angels. It is just because they have not met my child."

To a parent, the child is the most wonderful gift that the creator has given to them. The moment to welcome the tiny creature to the world is the unforgettable moment for each person. And since then, parents start to enter a new and interesting journey – a journey filled with affection.

Understanding and appreciating those humanity values, Aviva is willing to share with you the protective and stable financial plan for your beloved child on each stage of personality formation journey and for a bright future with the product Phat Loc Đang Khoa.


1. Prepare education budget for future with the benefit of Education Fund up to 135% sum assured

2. Help parents to pay education expenses at important moments for children even when parents are not with them.

3. Comprehensively protect children against the unexpected risks, especially with the financial allowance for 110 surgery cases in the list. 


1. Age at entry

Children: 6 months - 12 years old

Parent: 18 - 60 years old

2. Maximum age at maturity

Children: 22 years old

Parent: Maximum 70 years old

3. Policy term

10 - 22 years

4. Payment term

4 years shorter than policy term

5. Premium frequency

Annually/ semi-annually/ quarterly/ monthly



1. Educational savings: 

Periodical receipts: start from the child is 18 years old, when he/she starts the first year at University and finish when the child is 22 years old, at the time of entrepreneurship. The rate of payment is as below:

+ 18 years old: First year at University: receive 30% Sum Assured

+ 19, 20, 21 years old: Second, Third, Fourth year at University: 20% Sum Assured

+ 22 years old: Entrepreneurship: 40% Sum Assured

Lump sum receipt

Receive 130% Sum Assured + saving interest (interest based on VietinAviva's annual performance)

2. Educational bonus

Educational bonus valued 5% Sum Assured if the child enrolls any domestic or foreign University or College

3. Coverage:

- Death & Total and Permanent Disability (TPD): pay 100% Sum Assured (depending on age)

- Surgery:

+ Coverage of 110 cases in the list.

+ Pay 2%, 5%, 10%, 20% Sum Assured corresponding to seriousness level of each case.

+ Multiple times of surgery benefit receipt, maximum amount up to 100% Sum Assured


In case parent unfortunately suffers from death or TPD or diagnosis of cancer:

- Paid 100% SA, paid in multiple times until the child is grown up (plus 50% SA in case of accidental death due to public transport)

- Premium payment is not required.

- Paid entirely Educational saving benefit as planed and the opportunity to receive Educational bonus.

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